Some thoughts after evaluating Logic

Please make loading of files in the file browser instant not slowly populated. Logic opens folders and content appears instantly. Also, the project folder for each project is messy and unorganized. Make the click and drag to zoom bars on the piano roll and timeline in the arranger larger so I can actually use it! This is like Ableton and totally rules but is a little small. Stop audio cutting out when removing a track or other function. Update appearance and remove skeuomorphism from the mixer and vsts. Add select notes by articulation in piano roll. So many people use separate tracks instead of expression maps as different libraries require individual pre delays to manage attacks and land on the beat.
If I can select by art then I can nudge all staccatos or whatever articulation I choose. Better yet, allow for individual pre delays per articulation in the expression map setup. That would blow our minds!

Add some new artists to the website. German metal bands won’t entice the hipster American crowds. I’m in Seattle. You can appeal to coders and the like by featuring the logical editor, total customization, and some recognizable names. Ludwig Gorannson uses Cubase now. Benjamin Wallfisch? Hardly any composers are listed! Any hip hop producers? Start working with Aphex Twin. Make a tracker style sequencer, add alt tunings, micro tuning and timing and grab the Jacob Collier fan base. Hop on the internet and see what is on the horizon! I just found the micro tuner in Cubase. Can be used with automation, woah! Look out lo fi microtonal hip hop, This is th3 future of music. Make it happen first!

It certainly isn’t the future of MY music :stuck_out_tongue:


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Jacob Collier has demonstrated that microtonal music can be applied to popular music so it is really something actively explored at the moment.

feelingthin is right, this is a unique opportunity to draw young musicians to Cubase.

Adding quarter tones to the piano roll, would be a true revolutionary new feature that would be very relevant now. You could make it happen with the current MIDI representation of notes by adding Pitch Wheel values.

Yes! I have been looking for pitch bend to cents for a while. Microtones have been around in pop culture whether people realize it or not. Van Halen tuned his B string to make perfect intervals. Jacob Collier uses microtones to transition to G 1/2 #. Aphex Twin worked with Novation and added custom scala scales to the Bass Station and Monologue. Part of getting the new drum sounds is using quintuplets, and septuplet swing. On a separate note, Logic has Garageband on every Mac for free. That is a gateway drug. If Cubase can update its image a bit, young people would crossover to Cubase. Elements isn’t doing it. Eurorack is huge right now. Create features that work with Eurorack. My Motu 828es is DC coupled and can send CV out. Create a Max MSP environment.