Some thoughts of mine...part 1

As I’m learning my way through WaveLab 7 Elements
(which really amazes me with all it’s functions and options I discover along the way -
there is a lot of stuff to explore in this program for such a great price) -

here are some thoughts/questions/requests I came along:

  1. -it would be nice, if I could use “Ctrl+F9” for toggling a non-floating master section - possible ?

  2. -File browser: possible to have some more options (Vol Fader for preview, more file details, looping,Delete,
    open in explorer) ?

  3. -File browser and similar windows: I like to use some of these by double-clicking their header to make them float,
    especially the file-browser to preview samples. I resize the windows, but the size is only remembered for the
    current session. Is it possible to make WL7 remember the resized floating windows ?

    • if I open an audio file in WL 7 Elements, there is always created some additional file next to the audio file -
      could we have the option to save these files into a dedicated folder instead ?
    • Audio montage > Effects window: possibility to have the plugin-map window stay on top ?
  4. -Audio montage > effects: I’ve read, that some can be used as send effects - which ones ?
    I haven’t seen any so far in WL 7 Elements. How does this work ?

  5. -CD-markers (only WL 7) - what’s the difference to the usual markers ?
    What am I missing without them in WL 7 Elements ?

OK, enough for now,
just meant as some suggestions, and maybe I can learn one thing or two…

Best and Cheers

  1. Ctrl + F9 is used to make the Master Section visible / unvisible. What is the interest of your suggestion? Usually users like to have the Master Section at a same place.
  2. Maybe this will be enhanced in the future.
  3. Good suggestion. We’ll see.
  4. If you speak about the .mrk file (markers), no (without risking some data loss). For peak file and companion files (non mandatory), there is already this option in the global prefs.
  5. This should be enhanced in the non-near future.
  6. Some VST-2 effects, none included with WaveLab Elements. This part will evolve in the future anyway.
  7. In WLE, a clip is a CD track, while in WaveLab, everything between 2 markers is a CD track. This allows more complex CD montages. This also allow to specify “audio in pauses”.

Thanks for the answers, Philippe, much appreciated.

In regards to 1) “Ctrl+F9”: I have the Master section docked on the left side.
I just thought it would be more convenient if one could open AND close this section
with Ctrl+F9.
If it’s docked one has to close it via mouse-click, but you can open it with Ctrl+F9.

Just a thought, not really something which bothers me…