Some TouchOSC controllers I made (free)

If you use the excellent iPad app called TouchOSC, here are some projects I made with it. Some are more generic, like CC1, CC11 and both combined, others are more specific to certain products, like if you have the Cremona Quartet, one has CCs 1, 11 and 14 for the vibrato, then another one has an XY pad for Eastwest’s Forbidden Planet, and a few others.

This app was about 9 bucks when I got it about a year ago, and it’s super useful. It’s like one of those MIDI controllers with faders and knobs that send MIDI CCs to the computer, but in this one you can design your own controller and put faders, knobs, buttons and some other stuff.

You need to connect the iPad to your Mac (I think it might work for PC too, I’m not sure), and install a small app that acts as a MIDI device that you select in your DAW and then you just slide your fingers up and down or in whatever direction the specific controller is.

These are some screenshots and a photo of my iPad with one loaded:

So feel free to download them and use as you please, including modifying them if you want to. Just don’t sell them. :slight_smile:

TouchOSC (25.0 KB)