Some tracks playing 1 beat late

Has this ever happened to you?

I pulled up a project I finished approximately 1 year ago in a slightly earlier version of Cubase 6 (and I’m sure I’ve upgraded some of my regularly used 3rd party pluins), hit play, and some of the tracks are playing a full beat behind.

I am pulling together music I’ve written over the last 9-12 months and wrapping it up as my second EP. I’m having it professionally mastered, so I need to load up all the projects and render them without any “mastering effects” engaged on the 2buss.

When I last touched the file, it was obviously all playing in-time.

Any ideas about where to start troubleshooting? I put the project away because I actually found a mixed-down copy without the mastering plugins engaged, but I do want to be able to go back to that project and edit it in the future if needed.

Did the old project have Constraint Delay Compensation turned on?

Only other thing I can think of is that you were already compensating for something using the individual track delay parameter.

No, I’ve never used anything like that in any of my projects.

I’d try saving it with a Ctrl/Alt S, switch computer off and on and see if it works?

Ok… yea, I have found sometimes doing a “backup project” unf—s a project that is crashing, maybe it will unf–k this one.

Feature request for C7 … an UnF—ed button.

+1 :laughing: