some UR22 questions


I’m considering buying UR22 interface, and I would like to ask some questions before.

I will use it to play VST instruments mostly; what real and usable latency can I expect? for example, what is the real latency with 128 samples buffer? and 256?

Is it possible to run Cubase and Wavelab at the same time using the same ASIO outputs (like in RME interfaces)? or using ASIO in Cubase and MME in Wavelab? (for example, to edit samples in Halion 4 while both programs are running).

is it possible to run ASIO and at the same time record and play sounds events in Windows? ie. recording a video from Youtube, an embedded mp3 in a web page, etc.

It’ll be a great help if anyone could share his own experiences (good and bad) with the interface. Thanks in advance!