Some useful room calibartion links

Here’s a couple useful monitoring tests I came across recently. The first plays back bass frequencies chromatically so you can hear where certain resonances in your room/system are. I was shocked to hear a number of resonances – walls vibrating in sympathy and amplifying the note – when I played it back. The tones range from 24Hz to 262Hz:

This one does mode calculation based in room size which you enter:

Funny you should post this, I just downloaded those last night and put in my DAW. BTW (for those who don’t know) it’s from the awesome book by Mike Senior, which I recommend to everyone who is a newby or is newby-ish (like me, not like you!).

Also, here is a link to a downloadable CD of a much larger range of frequencies, from something like 12 Hz to 20 kHz, also white noise, pink noise, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Each of them is in its own track, unlike the “1 track for all frequencies” at the cambridge site you referenced.

This is what ya want :slight_smile:

Also measures your rooms reverb time at various frequencies, which is directly involved with it’s frequency response as reflections and resonances alter the response

Paul – I just glanced at that – thanks. Does it utilize a mic to pick up the responses?

Definitely some good tools. I’ll be making some good use of them. Thanks guys!

Yup. You need a flat response omni mic. The Behringer ECM-8000 works fine

Great thread.
Thanx guys