some vids of me playing lute

Hi there,
thought some people might be interested in these vids. As well as contemporary stuff I’m also interested in early music - lute in particular. I belong to a couple of lute networks where people post videos, so I thought I’d have a go. Videoing yourself is a good way of practicing. Some of this stuff has been recorded with cubase.
You can see them here:
They’re not exactly rock & roll but maybe someone may like them.
By the way I’m having to concentrate on the music because I never get around to memorising all this stuff.

Way Cool.

That must be a pain to tune though.

Great stuff Steve. Really good playing :sunglasses:
I can hear the click track on Fortune My Foe. Probably too late to do anything about that now though :smiley:
Do you have an Archlute as well?
Played all the videos, made for an enjoyable Sunday morning :sunglasses:

I enjoyed listening to your playing, thanks for posting :slight_smile: !



Fantastic! Well done indeed!

I used to enjoy listening to Jan Akkerman playing lute some years ago. Been a long time … too long. I understand it is a difficult instrument that requires enormous focus (no pun intended) and dedication.

Steve, your playing has reminded me of the joy of lute. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Thanks for all the positive comments.
Tuning isn’t as easy as on a guitar but they hold their tuning quite well so it’s not too much of a pain. Occasionally a peg slips, which can be quite dramatic. The frets can move as well and need changing more than the strings (the frets are all tied on the neck & made of gut).
Phil, the click track you heard was supposed to be a hand drum, which was used a lot in renaissance ensembles, but I obviously didn’t do too good a job of it! The large lute is an archlute, although this one only has the same length neck for the fretted strings as a regular lute.
Glad you liked the vids.

I like the mood and atmosphere the lute music created, very well played but the mood you created was even better. You should make a playlist at YouTube … hmm, I just realize that’s what the stuff at the bottom of their page is for, right. I’ll listen again with no interruptions and trip off into a world of wigs, weird clothes etc :sunglasses:

Really nice and very relaxing. Thanks for posting!