Some VST (trilian, ample bass) recieve a midi CC11 data of 0 everytime I select them

Hello, if I deselect and reselect some vst instrument, like trilian or ample bass, I get no sound, because the vst receive apparently a midi information of CC11 = 0 that mute the sound, I have to reset the cc11 either with a fader or manually inside the vst or by hitting play

Any tips ?


Is there any MIDI Remote Device involved in your setup, please?

There is a Komplete m32 as a midi remote device

Also a 3 faders controller unit (assigned to cc1 cc11 and cc2) this one USB et Din Midi Controller 3 Faders programmable CC #/canal/Gamme DAW/SYNTH | eBay

Also a stream deck configured in generic remote (legacy)


Doesn’t this one send any unwanted message?

All faders are set to 50% , I don’t see how
I just unplugged it, the problem remains

I have something wrong with CC 11 in my project

Problem solved, I unplugged all midi devices, unckecked all midi ports inside cubase
Then in generic legacy remote of the stream deck, I deleted one command (mute) that was sent with midi CC11 (I don’t know if it was necessary tbh)

Then reconnected everything, it seems to work now

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