some Window questions

Hi yall… I was hoping I could resolve some of my issues.

How do I get the program to not have the ‘transparent’ background? I don’t want each Cubase window to have it’s own window in Windows (Win10 btw Cubase 8.5), can I get similar Cubase 7.5 windows in 8.5??

The problem I have is that now the main window I use is not able to fully go to the top of the screen because the Cubase has a stripe across the top. The result is I have 2 top columns unless I go into full screen mode? I find this strange.

Also with VstRacks. I don’t understand how to undock the racks from the Arranger?


On windows7 Cubase8 i was able to get rig of the transparent background by telling the app to open maximized (open the icon properties, there’s gotta be something similar for windows10).

Regarding the windows dialogs not being children of the main UI anymore, this is unfortunately what Steinberg decided works best for us, it was a “present” we all got for Christmas last year as we bought Cubase8, along with the Aero dependency, the amazing MAC-like topbar and a few more goodies, which they called features.

As far as the VstRack goes, I don’t think you can undock it.
I really don’t understand what they were thinking. While not a big fan of dockable UIs, I don’t hate them as long as docking is optional, but then, this is not a dockable UI by any stretch of the imagination, plus this half-backed attempt to a modern UI only applies to the mediaBay and the vstRack and nothing else. Very special.

You can have a “floating” vst rack…press F11.

Oh man, this issue with the Windows is driving me insane… I can 't have each Cubase window being it’s own Windows window.

I still can’t resolve Cubase opening with a plain background like v7. Thx Karlito the opened maximized didn’t work for me.

I managed to get rid of the Rack that was docked to my Arranger, but I don’t know how.

This is not too great, actually. These are really my main gripes so far from upgrading from 7.5… Like I’ve posted elsewhere there are TONS of great things included but still wrestling with windows and docks is very frustrating.

Have you tried double-clicking on the top menu bar to get rid of transparency?

Getting the Main Project screen is what you’ll want to do. I have not taken the Win10 plunge yet so I can’t say it’s a Win10 problem. But you can try making a Key Command to maximize the window, Cubase has one but is not mapped by default. Go to File—>Key Commands and do a search on “Maximize”, (screenshot attached). Map a keystroke to it and give it a try. Make sure the Main Project Screen is selected when you do it, I believe this command will maximize only what is in focus

If you do manage to get the screen the way you want it to be save the project as a template, if you loose the settings you’ll at least be able to get them back with a new Project.

You’ll get used to it. Don’t talk it up into a showstopper. It really isn’t one.