some wishes to Dorico...

  1. for me it is a pain to work on a blue background inside Dorico (ps Dorico on Mac)
    Is there a way to change the background color?
  2. everytime when I go to the print page, it is set to “Page Width” what is totally uninteresting for me.
    I wish to set it general to “Whole Page” - hopefully there is a hidden knob?
  3. Everytime when I do a printout, I get “both side” prints instead of “one side” print, what I wish and need.
    a. when I print with the lower left print button…“beidseitig” is checked everytime I use it. First I’ve to uncheck it, then I get a oneside printout.
    But when I need it 1 minute later again, I’ve again to uncheck the “beidseitig/bothsides”. Again and again. And the when I forgot it I get a both sides print. Not good!
    b. When I use the normal print settings on the right side I generally get both side printings. Not possible to get a one side…
    Maybe my English isn’t fit enough, but as you can see on my second screenshot that I set Duplex to “One side only” And I thing this must be correct.
    But only both side printings comes out…grrrrrr…
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for help,

Go into your System Preferences (the OS settings) > Printers and Scanners, and check what the default is for your HP Envy printer. If you can set the default to be one-sided, the right panel of Dorico’s print mode will respect that.

For #2, this has come up before and I agree: whole page by default would be nice.
For #3, same problem here, I can’t change the print mode for Dorico by default, System Preferences has no influence on Dorico (Brother DCP9020). No problem with other apps, Dorico print allways both sides.

#2 I don’t understand why there is not a shortcut available to switch between Page Width and Whole Page when you are in Print Mode :frowning:

Also there is no shortcut for Export.
You must use the mouse every time. I understand if you’re going to print/export just once, but when you are collaborating and you are sending several incremental versions of the same parts/scores, it is just a bit frustrating.

#1: Preferences–General–Window. You can change the theme to Light. That’s your only option.

There is indeed the ability to set a key command for Export. In Key Commands, search for “export” and look in the Print section.

I definitely agree and wish that the “whole page” option was the default. The current behavior makes no sense to me whatsoever. As an option, yes; as default? no.