Somebody know the Tools Shortcuts?

My question is specifically about the bar tools, the bar you get clicking right button of mouse

for example, mute than is: shift + M

I wonder if there is shortcuts for the other ones?
Captura de pantalla 2017-06-06 a la(s) 15.53.27.png
Im looking for this one:
Captura de pantalla 2017-06-06 a la(s) 15.53.37.png

By the way, I know number 4 can give me the tool, but what Im looking is a key combination to do the task just selecting the clips, exactly like: shift + M for mute

Thanks in advance

someone please?

If you mean a keystroke that selects the glue tool and then glues the selected parts together, there isn’t such a keystroke or command. Shame as it would be useful.

If it’s a MIDI or Instrument track you can use “Bounce MIDI” for which you’d have to set up your own keystroke for as it doesn’t have one by default.

Yes exactly “bounce midi” I guess is empty in the keys command, but how can I find it to assign?

Manual page 1008 takes you through the procedure of setting up your own Key Commands.

surely you misunderstood my question… I know where to set my own command keys. I have few for my comfort… and for set them what I do is to look in the list, or I make some task first to automatically found at the list and then I assign a command key combination. Question is how is called MIDI bounce on that list…? :confused:

or what do you mean with MIDI bounce? do you mean turn in to audio?

What Im looking is just to glue the MIDI´s with a command key combination instead of the tool bar

Within the key commands menu search for “bounce midi”. Then apply the key you want.

Awesome thank you so much! I changed the idiom to English to found it, because my cubase was in spanish! thanks again! :smiley:

Glad you got it sorted in the end. I did wonder if a translation issue might be part of the problem…just have to hope the translations are correct for those who can’t also speak English like you do!

okey, today I will check how the shortcut looks in Spanish and I will back to you :slight_smile: