Somebody please explain this...

What the actual f*ck?

I’ve heard of this ‘youtube’ website before.
It seems they really have some quality content!

It’ll never catch on, I tells ya.

Watch it again. Let go. You’re trying too hard, and also not hard enough.

It’s worth it! :-0

When I checked it had already reached over 40,000 hits. Some musicians I know have superb stuff up there and rarely get hits into double digits. It has more to do with finding the quirks in human behaviour than anything else.

Think about it: there’s no way I would have ever clicked on that video unless I’d read your post; and in order for you to post the link here, you had to be so baffled and confused that you needed to reach out to us here for some form of reassurance. So the key to getting more hits (=money) is to post random rubbish that will annoy or outrage and combine it with SEO (“search engine optimization”) skills.

Investigating such things leads one to a clear understanding of “The X Factor”, through stages of despair at the state of humanity, to fear at the prospect of not being able to actually eat YouTube hits (destined to become the world currency by 2021) once the power goes out.

By the way, that’s not a video, it’s a photo, and the audio is looped.

It’s an example of something called ‘slow tv’,

Except is not TV … it’s a still photo.

Then you didn’t watch it for long enough :laughing:

Can I have some of what you’re having? :wink: