Somebody still using tape decks ?

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Funny. Good one.


One of my friends posted that image on Facebook a few weeks ago.

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But wait:

Didn’t the CD immediately precede solid state digital media?
So then this picture depicts the grandfather of the iPod (since cassettes preceded CD’s).

But going back further up the line:
8-track preceded cassettes
vinyl preceded 8-tracks.
And just where do wax cylinders fit in?

Please tell this young one if he is wrong in any aspect of this timeline.

:smiley: This is a good one.

Good point.

Not here in Europe. 8-track casettes are almost unheard of here. You could only find them in the cars imported from US. And by the way … C-casette predates 8-track casettes (1963 vs 1964).

Perhaps CD and solid state are digital half-brothers inheriting the Walkman gene from the same father.

Don’t tempt me.

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I’ve actually seen a 8-track in a car when I was a kid. I was kinda mesmerized by this thingie that seem to work in it’s own peculiar way, like nothing I’ve ever seen. The 8-track was mounted in some … small British sports car, can’t recall what kind, and I’ve only seen this once, as the car was only seen once as well. The car was parked at the road outside some weird neighbors that really didn’t fit in very well, but their intentions was not to cause a stir at all haha. They had some equally strange visitors every now and then, and I’m almost certain that the car belonged to the visitors. From the day the neighbors moved in to the day they left there was a constant stream of off “happenings”. Life is weird! Oh, well, they meant no harm :laughing:

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Aloha guys,
Just to chime in on this thread.

Being older than dirt, in 1967 I became an Audiophile.

At that time music was mainly on records and AM/FM radio.

No 8 tracks, no cassettes.

However I did purchase a Sony 7.5 inch reel to reel tape deck. (it used 1/4 inch tape)
and at the time you could by pre-recorded tapes from Sony.

This way you could hear music with no surface noise from the album and
no FM radio compression.

But on occasion I had to clean and demagnetize the tape heads. (ugh)
I still have a few jazz tapes from those days but no deck on which to play them.

And then 8 tracks came on the scene. They were a pain with which to deal but they actually
sounded very good.

Was not the 1st Mellotron just a bunch of 8 track tapes that each played one note only, and set to loop?


Was not the 1st Mellotron just a bunch of 8 track tapes that each played one note only, and set to loop?

They didn’t loop. They were fixed 8 second lengths. When you held a note, the tape would eventually stop playing when it reached its end. When you released the key (basically disengaging a single key’s pinch roller from a common capstan)… a spring loaded takeup reel (providing tension) rewound the tape back to the start (or began playing the tape from wherever it was in the rewind process if you depressed the key before it finished rewinding).

The Mellotron was 3 track 1/4". The Chamberlin was 8 track 1/4".

I know! Funny thing was many people in my country who had them in their cars imported from the US thought they were cool … hey … come on … they’re American thing … they must be cool :unamused: I never found them worth of (censored).