Someday and Forever

A song I am still working on, hopefully will add Percussion soon. It’s featuring two good friends Gary ‘Brotherman’ Branchaud playing a Zeta Bass and Mitch Riley playing 2 different Flutes. Hope you enjoy, it was a blast cutting this

Wow! This is amazing. I couldn’t stop listening to it.

I can only dream of the day when I can play piano like that! Can’t wait to hear with Perc.

Awesome work :slight_smile:


shouldn’t you be playing in Las Vegas or something?..brilliant, just brilliant…bring on the perc…Kevin

Kevin, That’s so funny I used to play there 3 or 4 month a year at Harrah’s and I promised (myself) I would never say the name of who I worked with again lol. The band was great though

Dude you are great, I love your stuff!!!

Chick, what are you doing hanging around here?

We need people like Chick hangin around here !!!

Yes, I agree! Very appreciative that we get to hear this great stuff!

Kenny, sounds awesome.

By the way, I’ll be in Nashville from Jan 13 - 17 visiting Rick Lonow and will be doing a gig with him at Brown’s diner on Jan 13.

Stop by and say howdy.

Very nice music and very high level of performance!

I think it’s your best track yet that I’ve heard. Percussion will definitely make it sound complete. Great performances, particularly enjoyed the flute unisons and solos. Loved the extra reverb on the flute solo too, worked very well to give it extra floatiness.

Only thing I liked more than the performances is the writing. Well done sir :sunglasses:

nice stuff , much respect.

Good piece. During the first section with the flutes, I was wanting some rhythm content, like some shakers playing accented 16ths or something. Or maybe you could get Airto to play trap set on this – that would be great! :sunglasses:

Did I miss this or did you mean Feb 13-17…I will come for sure I am going to PM you my email and Phone info

Haha THANKS!!!

I wish lol


Thanks for listening will be better when I finish I hope

Total agreement, this was 1st step. “BrotherMan” the Bass player and I recorded with a click (our time floats quite a bit but who cares) Then Mitch played flute at his house (he uses DP). Next it’s percussion so hopeful to do that when the funds are available. I have 4 cuts needed Perc now…Not planning on using Traps (unless it’s Airto lol)on this project at all…OH Do you know him???

Meant feb 13

There’s just no substitute for the real thing. Suddenly every sampled piano I’ve ever owned sounds inadequate. :confused:
Sounds great! Well performed and mixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks but don’t hate me because it’s a sample lol, The Vienna Imperial Grand. I have a lot invested in making the piano sound good. With proper EQ stage placement etc it sounds like everything from C7, Steinway to of coarse 290. Can make it thick or thin, bright or dark you can hear the mics under sound board including the pedals or just the top. I have tried or own them all but this is the only one I’m happy with. Last week I did a rock project on a C7 with 6k worth of mics into a SSL board on PRO Tools HD system. They didn’t come close…if I had a controller that played as nice as a grand I would be in heaven but can’t find one I like. Any one know of a great one?

Everything I own from Vienna always works and any issue I have ever had with their software they address with me personally on a 1st name basis. I love Vienna stuff well worth every penny :slight_smile: (only once was it their issue, but they sent me a beta upgrade 2 days later addressing issue)

Thanks again for the kind words if you ever decide to get it let me know and I will show what I do

Wow! Another great piece of music, Kenny!
The piano sounds incredible! :sunglasses:

Great playing by everyone.