Somehow all Projects listed as SX Projects???

So a while back , I downloaded SX so I could load an old project in 8.5.
That all worked fine and I’ve moved on from that project and on to new ones in 8.5.

Today I dumped some files down from an audio scratch pad app in my phone into 8.5. I went to reload the project again a bit later , and I noticed that it was listed in directory as an SX file …so are all my other C5 and 8.5 projects!
What the heck did I do ?

I guess you mean the windows file association (and so the icon that is showing for your cpr files)

You can easily change it by right click/open with and select your latest Cubase and tick always use this program to open files of this type.

I’ll give that a try.
Appreciate it

Thank you !