Somehow I must have defined a default audio channel ... :-(

Hi =

When I add an audio channel lately it has 4 or 5 inserts already pre-loaded, usually none of which I need.

I don’t remember actually defining a set of audio channel inserts, however clearly I must have.

Can someone please point me to where I can re-define it without all these inserts. It’s driving me nuts having to remove them all every time I add an audio channel!

Workaround for now is to copy a “clean” audio channel’s settings to the newly formed audio channel, but hopefully I won’t need to go on with that for too much longer …


Hi Alexis,

Could you describe, how do you add an Audio track, please? There are some different possibilities.

Do you use the simple (small) Add Track window, or is it expanded with the Browser? Or do you use MediaBay preset?

Thx for answering! I use the small simple Add Track window.

Hi Alexis,

I was afraid about this, because I have no idea, in this case.

How does the window exactly look like, please? Is the Browse button white (also with the white frame) or gray? See attached screenshots, please.
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 19.29.04.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 19.22.40.png

Yikes, if the answer to the question depends on that … I am a little bit apprehensive!

Thanks for answering, I will check when I get home, and get back to you.


I’m asking, because it is possible to change the size of the Add Track window the way, that it looks like to small one. The whole MediaBay part is just hidden. But even then, the MediaBay part is still active, and it affects it, so you can again to create an audio track from preset.

This is my motivation behind the question. :wink:

Understood, thank you. I have never knowingly activated/used Media Bay, but of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t done so inadvertently.

Will get back to you when I have a chance to check -

Thanks again!

It is like your first screen shot at 19:29:04 - gray, no border.

Is that helpful for you, to be in turn helpful to me :slight_smile:?

Thanks -

OK, it means, the MediaBay is really opened. Try to resize the “Add Track” window vertically, please. You should see the MediaBay. Now, click the Browse button. The MediaBay should close.

Now, you should be able to add a track without any preset.

You could also just click the Browse button directly (without resizing), but I would like to “fix” it for you, if you want to use the MediaBay in future. :wink:

Thank you, I will try that. Might even pick up a nugget or two about MB.

You are one pretty smart dude … thanks again!