Someone Answer

Hello. Can not post new topics in section Cubase 6, and I have two problems to solve. Please help me.

I have Cubase Artist 6.5 and is enabled on the e-license (I hope) but I have two problems one linked to activation as seen in these pictures: … first.png/ and … econd.png/. And the second problem is that I do not appear Expresion Notes, Maps Expresion Articulation Lane .
Please help me. I waited too long to purchase this program and want to use it.

Try posting in the Cubase forum. This forum is for the tablet version called Cubasis. Best of luck.

Ty, I get half of my need anser

Dj Bughy, please do not post on several forum section just because you cannot post in the Cubase forum. See my answer in the other topic you created.