Someone buy Tom a bottle of scotch

…he’s been acting a bit weird lately. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

One of those basses must have fallen on him… :laughing:


Scotch is most definitely contraindicated for “acting a bit weird”. :wink:

There’s healthy weird and worryingly weird. Tom’s firmly in between the 2, which is the funniest position to be in. For us anyway :sunglasses:

Is that 5 syllables or 6? :open_mouth:


It works either way! :laughing:

Depends on the depth of Scotch in the glass, before and after.

Learn to work the saxophone.

I play just what I feel.

Drink scotch whisky all night long …’’’


Careful guys, forum member ‘samwax’ might be watching, according to him you’d (we’d) be alcoholic old granpa geezers… :wink: .

Mauri (gimme another Gentleman Jack’s)!

I worked over, or was the other way round, a good tumbler of 18 year old GlennL last night … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

LOL. I’m back and I’m freaking alive. Yeah, something was sure in me that friday (i think) night. A day and a half later I was laid out. The ever so in the news flu got me. Fever broke last night. I haven’t been that sick in 15 years. I suppose it was a last hurrah before it took me down. Forget the popcorn and get me some real food now :laughing:

Now, if I could get my girlfriend to believe that, I would be in heaven. :laughing:


Best wishes, Tom!

Speedy recovery!

My wife just last week had, get this, the flu, an upper respiratory infection, acute tonsillitis, and double conjunctivitis. Most, if not all, of it is gone thankfully. I don’t know who was in pain more: her or me for having to constantly run up to the bedroom from the mancave in the basement every 5 minutes because she needed something. :laughing:

Wow Larry. Glad she is all right.

Steve, are you offered the flu shot out there? I am second guessing NOT getting one ofter having this flu. I rarely if ever get sick too. i don’t know if it was the sake I was drinking the night all heck broke out here or something in the food I ate, but holy kwap, this flu is very serious business. I missed a whole week of work including a 8-song mix project coming in from another studio I had to proof before the engineer had to leave town for 3 weeks. I prey to god the files he sent are correct. If not, I am up poos creek. Nothing I could do though. There was no way I was going to sit deliriously in the studio with a 102/3º fever. I just laid in bed and stressed about it instead with a wet towel on my head.

But hey, at least I am getting back into the swing of things. I laughed today for the first time in a week. :slight_smile: (I did cough immediately after though)