Someone help me out here with activating the C6 demo?

Not sure what to do here.

I have a license # and a voucher code that I received. I dont see anywhere to activate the C6 demo via MySB. If I open the license activation, and then enter the license code I was given the ‘Activate License’ button is still greyed out, which doesn’t make much sense.

What to do?

Thanks in advanace.

Ok, cancel that ^ - for some reason, getting to the activation by trying to open C6 and being told you have no license gets you the greyed out ‘Activate License’ button, but getting to the activation by starting the eLic sw first works. That makes NO sense whatsoever, but ok.

So NOW… I enter the license code, and get this:

My computer date, time and time zone are correct. I seem to remember this being a bug with either SX3, or C4? In any regard, what to do?

Ok, got it. Jeez.

The license d/l works only if your computer is synced; does not work if it’s not. Worked here, even tho my date, time, and time zone did not change once I synced - everything remained identical. Yes, I checked.

Anyone from SB care to explain that?


I wonder if the ecc just checks whether your computer has been synced within x amount of time, without regard to the actual time of day. That way it (the installer) can be satisfied that your computer shows the real time, and not some other time that would enable you to lengthen the trial period.

Could be.

Any SB people care to comment?

What about computers not on the internet, and so can’t sync with , or whatever that site was?