Someone help me recover lost projects!

So as my friend was transferring a bands cubase project files over to my external drive the drive went to sleep and the files were no longer on the computer or drive. Can someone help me get these files back because if not I’m screwed! I’m trying a data recovery but the file names get lost so I dont know if I have them!

Surely a computer going “to sleep” shouldn’t result in any “lost files”.

Does the original machine still have the files? I don’t see how it could not.

No it doesn’t. 100 percent certain the original machine doesn’t have them either. They got lost like between the drive and the computer so I’m at a loss of what to do.

Never heard of a drive going to sleep whilst transferring files to it (the drive)… Odd

Was it a drag and drop or a copy and paste or a cut and paste?

I too would have thought you’d at least still have the files on the original drive?

Something else going on there I think?

My friend did it so I wouldve copied it then deleted off the original drive. He cut it then pasted so it’s no longer on his drive nor my external. It was a windows computer as well just in case thatll help

More like he unplugged it before the transfer was complete…

Looks like a lesson learnt!

data recovery on the original drive looks like your only option and that type of recovery software is very expensive ,
slap yourself on the forehead and start a fresh :wink:

Incorrect. I was standing there when it happened. Second off I have data recovery software and I recovered every file, but theyre random names so I have to find a way to figure out which are which and organize them.

So sorry… you should have said that at the start.

Didn’t think I needed too as I said the drive went to sleep indicating that it was plugged in but the drive stopped spinning.

looks like your on your own then ,if you have the recovered files you’ll have to arrange them if you really want them then

Bugt how do you arrange them if you have no idea what they are? Theyre just named numbers

it’s a strange one as if you COPIED weather it was “copy” “copy and paste” dragged and dropped ,there still should of been the originals on the original drive as you were only making a “copy” and as for naming the files you now have a lonely long winded process of trying to put them back in order , sorry can’t help !

So when you say you have the recovery files, does this include the Audio files & the Cubase Project file?

If you have the project file…
Create a folder, drop the project file into that folder, also create a folder called ‘audio’ in the same folder with the project. Dump ALL the recovered audio files into the audio folder. Open the Cubase project, if it cannot find the files
make sure it is looking at the audio folder. If is still cannot find all the files, let it search your recovery drive, or the original drive. If it still cannot find some files you may never find them. BUT they also may be files you do not need (i.e. files that were deleted on purpose). So close the missing file window and look at the Cubase project to see if
anything looks missing.

The point is, even if (from the file names) you cannot tell what goes where, the Cubase project does.
If you do find all the files, archive off a safety NOW. use “prepare archive” this copies all files from ANY drives into the projects audio folder, then Save as new project, check the boxes for remove unused files, freeze edits, then save.

Good luck!