SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! "A serious problem..."

Well, it was like any other recording session until things went to shit real fast. I went to export my track and as I go to export-audio mixdown…BAM a big annoying box pops up that says…“A serious problem has occurred: Please try to save your project under another name and then restart cubase5.exe. if this problem persists blahblahblah…” I save under different names, restart countless times and looked everywhere online for a solution…nothing. I have no clue what else to do and my songs are paying the price. Anyone…ANYONE who can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Cubase 5
Windows 7

Maybe a bad plugin?

Does your project not open at all or is the project still o.k. and just the export function is “blocked”?

If the latter, and if the case is urgent, you might try a workaround via “live streaming” Cubase’s stereo output into a digital bus of your soundcard and record it either with Cubase again (within the same project) or with any other audio application. Not a simple and convenient way, but maybe a good compromise if you want to save your skin (and your money) in case there is a customer out there who needs to be satisfied in time.

I used to get that problem all the time too, i hated Cubase for it and was looking at other DAW software, but i stuck with it and made sure i always have auto save switched on to save every 1-2 mins so i didn’t lose anything when it would crash, and it would!

I never found out how to fix it, but i did upgrade my PC and my OS to 64bit windows 7 and i don’t ever see any crashes anymore, except from VSTBridge at times :imp:

And… no, this reply probably wasn’t helpful at all! but i never found an answer when i was in need, and i did ask and look quite a lot, maybe try a reinstall of Cubase, or check your VST’s are not causing problems, they seem to be the source most of the time, when it happens see if any system programs in task manager are using up your CPU in an unusual way, like it might hang at 25 (if you have a multi core CPU) as an example if something’s crashed, sometimes closing these manually can help, but maybe not.

maybe set windows so that it will prioritize background processes, and i noticed when i had my AMD CPU i was getting a lot of problems because i turned cool and quite off in the BIOS, might be relevant shrugs