someone please read..Cubase 5.1.1

Hello… I hope someone answer me this time because I never got a responce from this forum…!!!
my problem is my cubase 5.1.1 won’t quantize properly, its always OFF my setting is 1/16 straiht and eveything else is off. I just need a normal quantize without any swing or groove. it used to be good. but after re-installation it got bad. please help

Why are you not running the latest version of Cubase 5?

Try checking or unchecking the “system time stamp” in the midi port setup.

I have tried everything… some people told me that if I moved the file called midi portfilter from the folder midi port enabler up to the cubase 5 main folder ( cut and paste) it will be OK… but it worked only one week and then happened again… the sysrem time stamp is ticked ( both of the time stamps are tickrd) someone said I have to delete the user quantize profile fro the grid option on the top. I didn’t know how or where… please help

Did you try with the timestamp unticked?

Yes… I tried one by one ( all possible ways) both unticked ,both ticked, one only. And the other one. …
Do you know how to delete user quantize profile from the top grid option? Or does anyone had this problem? I’m in the middle of project and can’t get it fixed…thanks for reading…

Sorry, never dealt with the user quantize profile. You may have to refer back to the someone that told you to delete it.

Thanks anyway…please let me know if you have any other solutions…thanks