Someone please tell me that C6 can import MP4a/AAC audio??

The way I see it, all forms of lossy compressed audio should be considered end formats. Uncompressing these for editing should be avoided at all costs to prevent cascade coding. I for one hope Cubase won’t expand the already generous lossy format import options since few people seem to have a clue what this means.

Exporting into these formats would make more sense though, but there are already lots of good free audio converters out there.


Talk about different worlds, I’ve never ever gotten a single aac/mp4 from a client as far as I can recall.

It might come, it might not, I’d use Sox and a batch script in the mean time. If it’s common in post then maybe Nuendo can do it already, would probably not be so hard for SB to implement it in Cubase.


If they did include this format, would they have to pay for the encoder/decoder rights or a license?
If so, then they would have to pass that cost on to the customer which means Cubase costs more.
Not good for someone who doesn’t need the capability.
Just my opinion.