Something appears Galley view score and parts but not in Page view; won't select

I’m at a loss…I made a jerry-rigged aleatory box notation, and on my last editing pass on the score, it has disappeared in some parts but not others. It shows in the parts and in Galley view in the score, but when I switch to Engrave mode, it has disappeared in some parts, but not others. I don’t see any red flags for it, or anything in the properties panel that could account for this…Even more mysteriously, I can’t just add it back where it’s missing, because nothing will select in Engrave mode or in Write mode in Page view!

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, @cellonancy. Are you able to attach the project itself here so we can take a look? If you are, please be sure to specify which layouts in which you are expecting to see something that is no longer appearing, and at which bars.

The missing boxes and lines that are missing in Page View and Engrave mode are in bar 88 in the Flutes, Bassoons, Horns and Trumpets. I’m noticing that although I can’t select anything in bars 88 to the end in those instruments, I can select other measures. Surely a clue… I’m being told the file is too large to upload, so here’s a Dropbox link: Dropbox - N'CheWana for SBMF - N'Chewana copy.dorico - Simplify your life. Thank you!

Are you using condensing? If so, condensed staves are not editable in Page view (in Write mode). You’d need to switch to Galley view, or turn off condensing to edit them.

That would also be the reason why the boxes have disappeared (I haven’t looked at your score, as I’m on my phone at the moment).

If you’ve got a playback template included in the project, saving a version with the Silence playback template applied can make it much smaller as it doesn’t include any playback data.

I just looked at the file. Yes, it’s because condensing is enabled.

As a solution for the boxes, you might want to try Aleboxes. I think you can get those to display in condensed staves if you fiddle with it.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the help. This does, of course, explain why the boxes are missing in the parts that are, well…condensed!