Something between CC121 and Nuage?

Is there anything Steinberg can say about the roadmap for CC121 and how it might address the huge gap between the CC121 and Nuage?

For me the CC121 single motorised fader is too basic, and Nuage is waaay too expensive.

Surely there is a big market in the middle-ground, for a tightly integrated Cubase/Nuendo controller from Steinberg or Yamaha with 8 faders plus the smart controls of the CC121 but without all the visualising stuff on the Nuage…?

What are the chances?, or do I have to go again with an Avid Artist series after hardware failures on two separate units?


I would love to see something like this, too. Maybe there’s too little money to be made? Avid recently discontinued the Artist series. It has its new PT|Dock that requires an iPad and then there’s S3. But the smaller, more tailored Artist units will be phased out. Why? No idea. But I’d love to see something like this.

QCon Pro X looks nice but I’m not such a fan of the generic Mackie protocol. I really like the integration EuCon protocol offers and I’m using the PT|Control iPad app with Nuendo. It’s really working nicely! Other than that I have my trusty CC121 and I’m quite happy with it although I’m longing a little bit for something in between CC121 and big Nuage / Avid S6 / S3 units. The CMC were a nice idea (I have 2 of those) but ultimately I think they are too gimmicky and do not look or feel pro at all. The CC121 is the proper quality, it should just have more options and be bigger. Something like the Artist series.


Even if the sale of new units will be phase-out, I still recommend to get a used one. No other controller has this flexibility as it’s with the Artist Control, not even the S3.
It looks very professional :wink:


Not sure if you have an iPad, but, would you hate working with the IC PRO option ?

I heard a new controller is coming.

Care to share some more details on that?

I cannot as that is all I “heard.” I’m pretty happy with my CC121. I also asked Softube if the Cubase implementation of the Console 1 would eventually incorporate being able to include the EQ, saturation, etc. native to cubase and they said probably not as they don’t want to make Console 1 a “generic controller.” We’ll just wait and see I guess.