'Something Borrowed Something New'

I posted this piece in the ‘Lounge’ but thought I should’ve posted it in the “made-with-steinberg” section instead.
It’s on my YouTube channel amongst several other productions of mine, here is the link: 'Something Borrowed Something New' (C) MJBerg - YouTube

'Love to hear from you,

Mauri. (Member since 2002, how time flies!)

Hey, stranger! Really cool stuff, man. Nice groove to enjoy on this Saturday afternoon.

Not too many of the “old timers” around here anymore. Nice to see you!

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Hi Mauri, I enjoyed this one. Interesting changes in this one. Liked the photos too! Looks like a Strat behind you?

Thank you very much, Mr ‘Pickens’, I’m glad you liked this.
Yeah, I think the “old timers” really thinned out since Steiny decided to revamp the forums.
'Don’t really know why but the new setup really didn’t enhance ‘The Steinberg Forum’ experience… :wink:

Stay well, mate.

Thank you very much for listening and commenting, I appreciate it very much, feedback is always good… except when it’s blasting out of stage monitors at 140+db…

That guitar is actually an aussie made, Formentin Signature Series custom configuration, Kinman noiseless neck and middle pickups, Seymore Duncan JB in the bridge position, flame maple fretboard and body and ‘Wilkinson Locking’ bridge. My all time favourite!

Sadly the company ceased production some 15-20 years ago.

Cheers, mate, and keep well!