Something changed regarding Event Names!!


I do it since 10 years:

Having lots of edits on a track, select everything with mouse or range tool - “selection to file” - now Nuendo makes new Files like when recording or something - file named exactly like the track is named, with a number.

Something changed:

Now the name of the event is containing old info from the old events - and the file name is in "( file ) " behind that. This makes it quite nasty when you like to clean up.

Check this:
It sucks a lot, how can I get rid of that behaviour?

Well, mh - I never had this before - so it might started in 5.5.3 - but I never edited a lot in N5.5 …

No one?

I just checked that project in latest Cubase - here everything is fine.


Track is named: “Kick” - events on that track will be named “Kick” and then “Kick_01” etc when you bounce snippets or regions of whatever.

In latest Nuendo they will be named after the name of the first event with the file name in "( ) " for example

“kick song 1 take 235 (Kick_01.wav)”

This is quite annoying when you try to clean up messed up projects from somewhere else - with funky event-names…

well - it has something to do with folders?! I just bounced a few events which were not grouped in folders - no problem here!

This behavior is OK, I mean, I see it all the time if description is not the same to filename before bouncing.

What do you mean by “selection to file”?

This behavior is OK, I mean, I see it all the time if description is not the same to filename before bouncing.

What do you mean by “selection to file”?[/quote]

don’t know the english term - in german it is “auswahl als datei” - bouncing snippets to a new single solid event/file

I see… Do that events have the same filename and description before bouncing?

Similar to the issue with slow cursor / tempotrack I was not able to track this down.

I worked a lot in latest Nuendo the last 2 weeks and sometimes everything went fine when bouncing snippets…

For example heavy edited drumtracks - if the track itself is labeled “kick_D112” the bounced file is named “kick_D112.wav”. If I bouce again and that file is still in the pool the next file is labeled “kick_D112-01.wav” or someting like that… Fine!! It happened. BUT it happed as well that the event was labeled “name of one of the former events (kick_D112.wav)” - The file itself is named just kick_D112.wav.

Well, stuff like that is difficult to explain. And is not a showstopper. But I have never seen this bevore and it can become distracting when you want to clean up the project and after that you have exorbitant long eventnames containing info which you do not want. For example: I am mixing a project were the producer tended to name the events “free” - so instead of “Kick_D112” I have “very great take song 7 totally cool dude.wav”.

To make myself clear because I do not know the english term:

bounce = consolidate = turning lots of events to solid waves (NOT via exporting via export menue)

Hey R, I just reread… well - I just overlooked what you mentioned:

Maybe it is relating to the fact that I never use “different description” - in my projects filename and description is always the same. So I never had this before.

Maybe in those projects (waves were coming via AAF from logic) something was differnt. Regarding description. As I said - some dudes like to use the descriptions for “comments” or stuff… I never do.

BUT: I doublechecked in Cubase (same project) here I had no problems.

Maybe this is NOT a bug, maybe it its just a feature and I never stepped over it because of my workflow. But why it is different in Cubase?

Well, I still have to send project files and wave files to steinberg regarding some issues (mainly because of the tempotrack issue) - but I do not have much time over here, and - to be honest - I am not that motivated. Why should I spend time and effort for fixing something were I spent quite a lot money for?

For now I am in Cubase 6.5 and I am happy so far.

Everything is working fine, of course there are a lot of smaller bugs - mainly is bugging me that snippets often drops “behind” other events when I have stacked events and when I move the one on top. Same in Nuendo. Oh and very nasty is as well that - in regular event mode - (not in lanes) the alt+split things is splitting ALL events, not only the one on top.

This is indeed very nasty because it can turn a “a couple of drumtakes stacked on each other” scenario in a big mess.

Steinberg is working only with single events because they are not recording - at least I never realized stacked/overlapping events in those videos… But well, those issues are not showstoppers, you just have to learn how to deal with them.

Ok and this inverted Event color scheme is a PITA to work with, even after 3 weeks of hard work I am not used to it. It becomes even worse when you have stacked / overlapping events as well - then everything is crosshatched AND inverted - it looks like “deleted trash-audio” not like “the events of your choice”.

But the application itself is working fine - very solid, whit gridlines set to quantisation as well as beat detective editing I am WAY WAY faster and better then ever before - and the new lanes are a pleasure to work with, it needs some time to get used to it when you come from the old way - but it is so fast and effective, even in multitrack scenarios - combined with grouping/folder tracks.

Oh and to be somewhat on-topic: No issues with that Event Name thing in cubase.

I can and will not go back to an older version. But compared to 3 times more expensive Nuendo Cubase wins big time for me. Latest Nuendo is not usable over here. It is a shame. But I miss the cycle marker batch export every day…