Something I cooked up

Returned to old recordings to experiment if I could cook up something from them. This is what I came up with.

Shuffled things about a bit and omitted some parts - don’t know if this makes any more sense now.

Hi there ,nice,i like the riffs :sunglasses: ,how much did you save from the old recordings and did you introduce anything new .

The recordings were from a few years back when I first started recording with Cubase. I was then not happy how it turned out but liked some of the riffs and wanted to experiment whether I could now get something done with them. I added quite a few things in the process.

I think omitting some parts was necessary as the first new version had quite many different parts combined into the song and there was also quite sloppy playing in some of them. I still need to change the intro because now the transition from the intro to the short guitar solo part is too abrubt.

i think the intro is good but i would try to get some better samples for the intro brass sound . but i think it goes in nicely to the guitar solo . do you have everything double tracked or fattened ,there seems to be a bit too much of it for my liking ,its great though it reminds of a 70s underground funk dance groove thang ,with some memorable melody`s and riffs ,vocals need defining a bit more when they happen and the drums need either a real drummer programming or playing them and it would kick . lots of the way i did hear it first time you posted but i was going away for a bit and forgot to comment.

Agree with you Polgara (basically about all of your comments): the brass sounds aren’t very convincing. I’ve been intending to mix the synth horns with some real horns one day (if I can convince someone to play in them for me) . I think this way it could be more bearable. I have used doubling in places and I think there you have a point too - shouldn’t overdo it. The vocal part is weak and I don’t really consider myself a singer but I try cope with it. The vocals were a late addition, the piece was totally different originally. I think will still need to consider whether this track needs any vocals at all. If I’ll keep the vocals, then I think I will need to pay more attention on what and where. I also agree with you about the drums :slight_smile:

check out this band i used to play with the bass player Pete ,they are from Leeds .i don`t know if the mono was intentional or just a mistake by the up-loader .

Polgara, liked the group very much. Tight groove, tasty hammond and and guitar solos. It does not get much better than this.