Something I don't undestand about where Audio is stored

In a project, I import an audio track for reference (in this case Wolfman Suite – Part 2, by Elfman). Ok, so when import it, I specifically leave “Copy file to working directory” unchecked because I keep my reference files in a single folder called “Audio Global Reference”, and I want them all to remain there because they’re universal to several projects and I don’t need a lot of copies floating around taking up space.

But when I look at the Audio folder within my current Project Folder, I see that the .wav file “Wolfman Suite – Part 2” is in fact in the Audio folder.

Am I seeing this wrong? Shouldn’t it just point to the folder “Audio Global Reference” and be done with it?

Thanks if you can help explain!


Are you importing an MP3? I’d imagine you are (or similar), and Cubase would need to convert it to a “native” format to be able to use it. I’m just guessing, as I always tick “copy file to…” as I’d rather make sure every project has its own files; makes things easier for archival/backup purposes and also avoids any issues with edits affecting other versions, but each to their own!

I believe that Cubase (being non-destructive) makes a “copy” of any file you import to protect the ‘original’ file from any editing that might be done.

I also agree with djaychela’s suggestion of “every project has its own files”.

Thanks for your help, and that seems to make sense. I am importing mp3. On a real project, I would normally have all the audio in that Project Folder, but when coming up with templates, a lot of files a rendered slightly different but use lots of the same audio reference. Eventually all those files but one will be thrown, and I’ll have the master template left.

It’s weird that Cubase would ask if you want to import the audio file in the folder if Cubase is going to do it anyway.

Thanks again,

Cubase converts MP3 to wav as that’s the format it uses.

Cubase can use FLAC as well, so you can use that instead if you choose.