Something is wrong with my VST Quick Controls

I had these setup for my controller and they use to work GREAT, but for some reason they have stopped working. If I go to “Device Setup” and choose VST Quick Controls, my assignments are all still connected, and when I midi learn to verify they still work, but I cannot get the actual quick controls to move in my instrument track. The blue button for quick controls is turned on in the instrument, I’ve Learn’t the parameter I want to control (the L button), but nothing happens when I turn the knob.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m at my wits end with this process!! BTW, is it possible to send midi to VST insert effects? For example, I want to midi learn a volume pedal in Amplitube and make it so when I send midi from my keyboard controller it goes to amplitube. Is this possible? I normally would use quick controls for something like this, but since they are not working…


Can you send the Quick Control by using the blue sliders in the Quick Control tab? Does the destination listen to it?

Do you use Track Quick Controls or Instrument Quick Controls?

Regarding to your 2nd question, yes, this is possible, if the plug-in supports it. Or you can do so in the Generic Remote Device. But this is “hard” assignment, not dynamic, as the Quick Controls are.