Something is wrong with the routing

The audio should go as follows:
• All tracks/submixes to a group bus I label “Sum Bus”.
• On “Sum Bus” I have 2× “External FX” plugins for analog processing.
• The signal should go DAW ( “Sum Bus” in Nuendo 11.0.4) > “External FX” plugin #1 > Lynx (Lynx AES16e > Lynx Aurora16 #1) > SSL Buss Compressor > Lynx > DAW > External FX plugin #2 > Lynx > SSL Fusion > AMS Neve 8803 > SSL Fusion > Rupert Neve Design Master Bus Processor > Lynx > DAW > Stereo Bus/Output 1+2

This isn’t making any sense. This routing is a template I begin every mix with and the patchbay is normalled to this routing. It has worked countless times.
I was thinking that maybe the F4 routing was changed or something but:
¹ If the outputs were wrong it wouldn’t be metering on the hardware
² If the outputs were right but the return inputs wrong, I shouldn’t hear any audio.
I know this to be true because I went through plenty of trial and error to figure out what was where when I lost the paper that I wrote the patchbay routing on after I first set it up.

The first thing that alerted me to an issue was that I was listening to playback when I first sat down at the console and noticed that the Fusion wasn’t turned on. Normally, no audio can be heard when the “Sum Bus” hardware is off.

I turned it on and it began metering but no audible change could be heard.
I began messing with the analog EQ knobs, compression, drive, and even the input and output gains but could hear no difference nor even see a change in the metering.

I don’t know what’s wrong so I’m not opposed to believing the cause is something outside of Nuendo but, if it were a problem with the Lynx or analog processing equipment not passing the signal, I wouldn’t hear anything at all.

I doubt this has anything to do with the cause but, just in case it’s somehow a clue, the “Sum Bus” meter is clipping occasionally but the red indicator that usually appears and stays to let you know it clipped at some point, is not showing up. The fact that it’s clipping is another sign that I’m not listening to the processed signal because the signal leaving the MBP runs through the limiter at well below clipping levels currently.

It appears that there must be a “cloned” signal from what I can tell. Meaning the signal is passing through the hardware and that should be what I’m hearing and seeing on the meters of that bus but, I’m somehow hearing and seeing the unprocessed signal.

What’s wrong in the routing?

Have you checked that the Control Room is doing the right thing (… which means “doing nothing” in your setup, I assume)?

Sorry for the possibly dumb question, but; did you go through all routing options in Nuendo and verify that nothing got accidentally reconfigured?

I solved it. Sorry. I thought I came back and announced that but I must have forgotten.

Yes, control-room must be active in our studio and it was properly configured.

The problem was that I brought my 2yr old son into the studio the night before and he’d switched the AES/Analog/LSlot settings on the front of the Lynx converters so that audio was being sent to analog (which is why it was metering on the console and racks) but it was receiving the return signal from the digital send (pre-DAC), rather than the return signal (post-ADC).

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:smiley: … this is how careers get rolling.

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lol. He and his sister will inherit the studio someday (God willing) so it’s important they learn the trade.

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