Something missing in the recording window?

The reset button on the left is for resetting the peak values… But aren’t those peak values supposed to be showing on the right?
What am I missing or doing wrong? Where are the peak values the reset button is supposed to reset?


Yes, the meter actions are grouped on the left, but the peaks are displayed on the right.

Yes. So where are they. That’s my question. If you look at the screenshot I added you’ll see it’s “empty” on the right…


are you shure that you know what we are talking about?
if you don’t know what a peak is then you should find out first
and your left mark is the area for values over 0dB

I don’t think you understand what I mean.

Please have a look at this image. It’s a Wavelab 6 recording window vs a Wavelab 10 recording window.
In Wavelab 6 peak values are shown to the right of the meters. In Wavelab 10, there is room for peak values to the right of the meters, but none are actually showing.

Why is this…


The behaviour you show is what happens when the vertical size of the meters is too small. Unfortunately this is the size it starts up with (it’s the same here) but if you pull the window vertically bigger, you see the values appear.

YES!! Thank you.

So the answer to my original question ‘Where are the peak values the reset button is supposed to reset?’ is ‘enlarge the recording window:unamused:

Feature request to Steinberg: please don’t make this hidden by default :sunglasses: