Something New


This is really nice, I like the variation brought in by those wubs. Then on the chord walk-down the pads compliment the beat nicely. Very solid track.

The intro is stunning !! It tells you … wait for it … something is coming !

Then 0:10 to 0:28 it just changes chords. I would leave it like that but keep the high note the same on each chord. I think it is f. It will give it just more invitation to what is coming next.

Then from 0:26 - 1:00 just introduce those same sounds, but this time supported by your rhythm section. Remove those high strings because they should come as a further development at a later stage.

What you have in 1:04 - 1:18 should be in 0:26 - 1:00 and then you introduce those high sting melodies in support of it … let the song build up.

From 1:19 - 1:55 you loose the drum track and the whole piece collapses. I would keep the drums playing all the time because you can build to a point where the song reaches a high peak and then looses its rhythmic section for a while.

1:15 to 2:28 is great but the scratching sound should be far more in the background, it draws the attention away from the rest of the harmonies and melodies. Or maybe you could let them peak up and down but at a lover lever, they shouldn’t be louder than your harmony and melody, they are just supporting sounds.

2:30 to 3:40 is the peak of your song. I would before getting into this peak, introduce a reminder of that inviting intro 0:10 to 0:28 and then you peak the song with what you currently have at 2:30 - 3:40.

3:40 - 4:13 sounds like the end being introduced, but nothing happens. I would fade some of the parts out over 4 or 5 parts so you can hear the song is reaching it’s end. One by one they can fade out o that when you get to 4:14 it can reach its final end and let it fade out over a longer period , stretch it twice the length it is now.

Sorry if i seem like a big critic, but your work has SO much potential and if structured better it would reach its full potential. (Maybe I listen too much Armin van Buuren)

Bottom line : This is excellent work and great effects and ideas!!! And don’t forget the GOLDEN RULE to make a song listenable : Don’t stay in the same key. Transpose !! Especially the peak part of your song, even transposing it a half tone will lift is so much that it will sound like a whole new idea !

I think I agree with most of what MFox said, there’s a lot of good stuff in this song but there’s some room for improvement. The song sounds a bit busy especially in the high end, I think you’d make the song easier to listen to if you reduced the highs in your reverb track.
The ending would be better if it just faded those chords instead of the stutter effect you applied in my opinion.