Something similar to Channel strip settings of Logic

I’m a logic pro X user, and I’d like to know if there is in Cubase something similar to “Channel strip settings” (presets which load some software instruments sounds with effects on channel strip inserts combined). I have to compare some Logic functions to Cubase ones in a course that I have to teach


There are Track Presets in Cubase.

Please, make sure, you can really understand and use Cubase, before you will teach it.

Yes, sure. For now I have only to know which features match Logic ones. Thank you so much

Sometimes, you cannot say, there is equal function in Cubase or vice versa, equal function in Logic. Sometimes, there is another aproach or way, how to achieve the same. Or sometimes, you just don’t need the same feature, because the philosophy is different, and it doesn’t make sense in that DAW.