Something strange is going on with my ride cymbal

This is a short excerpt of a drum part where for some reason the ride cymbal is not playing what’s written in bar 2, and proceeds to not play in the bar repeats. Easy fix on my end (delete the bar, re-create it), but just not sure why it’s happening.
Drum playback issue.dorico (601.7 KB)

Good evening,
I am having the same problem as you. Even recreating the repeat region, it does not work. Sorry.

I’m not at my computer at the moment so I can’t look at this directly, but I seem to recall that there can be issues with the playback of bar repeats if they are present on one of the individual instruments in the kit but not the kit itself. Try switching the kit’s presentation type to “individual instruments” and make sure there are no bar repeats on any of the individual instruments, then when you return to the five-line staff presentation type, recreate the bar repeat region there, and hopefully that will put things right.

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