Something tells me that I shouldn't install 8.0.20...

Or should I?
I’m seeing a lot of people getting bugs, crashes and what-not.
Does it have anything to do with the OS + PC specifications that one’s using?
I’m kinda scared. :confused:

…it’s the nature of things that you’ll see more complaints than stories of success…if it it works one gets on and uses it I suspect…

Also we’ve probably got a lot more people using it now as it’s been out longer. I never had a pre-8.0.10 version as I started from the trial version which was already at 8.0.10 so can’t comment on earlier versions.

As far as I can see there’s no common factor with those facing issues sadly… and indeed I’ve seen more than one with almost exactly the same configuration as my faster machine and yet I’ve seen no issues on either machine. I installed it on one first then used it for a few days before updating on the second.

Should you take the jump?

Ultimately up to you but I wouldn’t have unless I knew I could get back to 8.0.10. (I had a clone of my boot disk) just in case.

i think steinberg are going to need to follow up pretty quickly with a fix for this awful update, im just wondering about their beta team, do they actually have one?

The thing is , this Forum has changed , people no longer come here and socialise like in the old days and talk about the realises and work arounds it’s now just complaints .
Steinberg brought the Antisocial part on them selves by banning people for doing hardly anything wrong ,so my point is Yes this forum is just full of negativity because people just want to come here and get there problem sorted out and bugger off .

Now if you look at the bottom and see how many registered users there are compared to the amount of complaints then you will see it it a very very small number of users having issues . Of course not every user will be running version 8 but you no what I’m trying to say .
I say , do a backup as Planarchist said and go for it because everything is running sweet as a nut here but ultimately it’s your decision

No issues here over the last few days after stepping up to 8…20, though as always, a disk image or restore point is always your best friend and essential if your in the middle of a project…

Or should I?

Quick answer, are the Cubase8 new features worth the trouble for you?

In my case they are definitely not, which is why I am still using 7.5, and find myself going back to 6.5 very often.
I’ve installed 8, but none of the updates, because these seem to have introduced even more issues than 8.0 initially had.
Of course there’s a chance that these updates could work ok on my system, but there’s also a chance they won’t, in which case I’d be really annoyed to have to waste hours or days debugging and submitting tickets for something that for me was simply not worth the trouble.

-VCAs are a nice enough addition, but I can definitely do without.
-Plugin manager? Nice little bonus feature that should have been implemented ages ago, but I can do without it just fine.
-ASIO Guard “improvements”? I haven’t seen any.

The rest of the Cubase8 new features don’t interest me one bit, and it’s not like they were that many…

The newly collected issue related to the timeline display that has been introduced with 8.0.20 alone is a show stopper for me: Steinberg Forums
And I really don’t want to have to wait another 3 months until this gets fixed. I would if the new features were to die for, but they’re simply not.
I find it absurd that Cubase users have to create system images just so they can revert to a working version of Cubase!

I know there are a lot of people on this forum praising cubase8, as much as they’ve praised 7 and then 7.5.
I simply don’t see it, and I find it aggravating to see how Steinberg manages to convince its users that a new fluffy and bloated UI is more important than, for example, the ability to undo/redo mixer and VST changes.
To each his own, I guess.

It sure would help if people listed their OS in this type of thread. Otherwise it is a waste.
PS. Updated on two 8.1 systems and all ok,

The thing is there are people using different OS and some have issues while others do not.

I myself have none, but it is a brand new build. It seems some have issues with particular hardware or setup of OS or both.

It is really not possible to find exactly what causes things to go bad.

Roll the dice man…:slight_smile:

After i update 8.0.20, i got crashs and sudden exit 3 times in a day, which was not happened on 8.0.10.

i think i’d better to retern to 8.0.10.

I hope steinberg release 8.0.30… cubase 8 still seems like beta version.

scary to work on 8.0.20… its unstable.

im on OSX yosemite, Macbook pro 2013 late and SPL crimson.

On your particular system it is. That sucks man. :frowning:

On my i7 Win7x64, the update has caused “A serious problem has occurred” warning to open when trying to open a new vst instrument via F11 or the pull down menu.

…and if that wasn’t enough the render settings box never opens when selected.

But it’s probably me, I’ve only started using daws since OctaMed came out…

Trust your instincts…Wait till they sort it out and continue using what has been working for you. Update is no big deal. Not worth the stress if you do have issues. Although if curiosity gets the better of you, be prepared to gamble. :unamused: Cheers

Well that is kind of my point. I have a similar system and do not have that issue. I just tried to replicate.

But of course I also don’t have the same software as you do other than Cubase.

Trust me, I am all about finding ways to help others to get their systems working, and I try to help in any way I can, but I can’t imagine how impossible it is for a software developer to make everything work for everyone.

It seems to me that in most cases it is system setup/hardware updates/or just leftover crap on peoples systems that leads to these issues. And that is not possible for anyone to figure out without being there personally to see what is happening.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do agree that the Cubase software should be able to work with different systems. But with what I have heard about W8 and a buttload of 3rd party VST software, they do not always play well together…

I can’t even comprehend what it would take for a software programer to cover all issues for every OS, MOBO, BIOS, Chipset, Processor, Video card, etc…

Plus then you have the third party software companies that have to rewrite software to keep up with the advancements of the DAW’s that run them… 64-bit versions of plugins from 3rd party developers was somewhat recently a waiting game.

Jbridge likely made a fortune off this. And thankfully so as it worked better than the Cubase bridge.

I suppose I am just lucky to have a set of components and new setup that works well with Cubase.

I truly do wish there was an easy answer as to why it works flawlessly for some, and constant issues for others.

If only there was just one perfect setup for everyone… Dreaming…

If you are on windows it easy to just uninstall the update. I always update the first day of a release and never have a problem. But I only work on my own stuff most of the time, so I can afford some downtime. If you a in the middle of a production, you should finish it before a update, but that’s just common sense.

Whoa, this blew up.

But I’m sure these answers are bigger than my personal concerns.

Thank you all for your kind words and two cents on this matter.
For me, I’m in the middle of several projects at the moment, so I’ve decided to sit on this for a while.
But I will post a reply whether or not I’m having problems.

Cheers everyone :slight_smile:

general tip for the readers here:

  • there is never a reason to fear an update. It tries to improve the program.
  • in rare cases that a problem occurs you can allways rollback the software to the previous version
  • SB uses also a non-destructive approach with the different versions of the software (v1 till v7), so every version co-exist with newer versions on your harddrive and remains unchanged.

kind regards,

As far as I’m concerned the only major issue I had was with the metronome precount but this is now fixed. Cubase 8 delivers good performance and stability on my modest desktop and for now the last version has not introduced any bug that I could notice.
Now I’m not a pro and my projects rarely exceed a dozen tracks, this aspect should be taken into account.
Maybe you should consider if you can afford to be blocked in the middle of a project and take the risk of not.