Something to watch out for when rendering

So I always create a new folder for a new project and save as into that folder. Great so everything is saved there. Recently I went to open a project and audio files were missing. They also had strange names (to me) and the folder was not the project folder.

As it turned out my son who had been editing a cd’s eq in Cubase, had rendered but not using the default location or name. At some point afterwards I carried on working on my project and rendered in place without looking at the settings. So it named my files the name he had put and put them in his folder. I didn’t know this. Later his work was deleted and when I came to open my project my rendered audio files were missing. Luckily the files were in the recycle bin.

So be careful.

Also I think the render function should be specific to a project and not use the last setting it had that could be from another project. I feel like I should go through my pools in other projects now to check them. Not good.


I agree