Something weird is going on here...

So I fire up Cubase this morning and it looks like Cubase totally reset on me! First thing I notice is ALL my custom GUI changes are gone and Cubase is back to the stock blue color. Then Cubase asks if I would like to register my product (which I did about a year ago when I first got Cubase 6)! When I went to “File” - “Recent Projects” there is nothing there. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?

*also I noticed when Cubase is starting up when it gets to “video file handeling” the whole screen flashes for a second. It didn’t used to do that before today…

edit: the only thing I remember doing yesterday that was different from my normal routine was I transferred my Arturia licenses to the Cubase dongle. Maybe that had something to do with this total reset?

Same thing happened to me upon updating to 6.0.5. No clue why. Haven’t noticed the “Video file handling” causing a flash but I did get a lot of “Video engine has stopped working” upon quitting Cubase, a file related to Quick Time was mentioned in the log so I reinstalled QT and my graphics card drivers and now I have no problems.


The weird thing is I’ve been running 6.0.5 since the day it came out with no problems whatsoever. Maybe it is a problem with 6.0.5. I don’t know. It just seems really random…

Things were fine when I first ran 6.0.5, but after a few days downtime, I fired it up last night, and many of my plugins are no longer listed, did not have time to re-scan, but odd that this would suddenly change. Everything was fine the other day, I did not add or remove anything since then, plus when I patched to 6.0.5 I subsequently trashed my prefs, so everything is fresh in that respect.

I really hope its not due to a problem with 6.0.5. Usually after upgrading and having the new version run flawlessly for a couple days (or weeks) you would think you’d be in the clear…

Bumping this…

I see a number of other 6.0.5 issues, Amplitude, latency, BFD issue cropping up…

Anyone else finding strange anomalies?

Video engine also crashes in 6.0.7 when I try to replace audio in video

Windows 7 32bit
Core i7 2.93GHz, 3.5G RAM
M-Audio Delta 1010LT

I also had one of those resets:

From the sound of it (I am NOT saying this is the case, just what it sounds like) I would say it’s like another account is trying to run Cubase for the first time… obviously this is not the case here. :slight_smile: