Something weird is slowing my latency! Help!!

Hi, maybe someone else has had this issue with working with midi and audio tracks together:

Problem: After a while of working on a project that contains multiple audio edits with effects, all of a sudden my latency on the midi tracks will drop and become affected, it feels like it drops from 0.5ms to 200ms.
I’ve tired adding a new midi track or deleting and re-adding the instrument, neither fix the issue and surprisingly neither does a reboot of Cubase to the same project, once it’s become affected it stays that way.
The only way I can get latency back to 5ms is to create a NEW project then all is fine. I can have both projects open side by side with the same piano sample added… the new project will have a latency of 5ms and if I activate the affected project that will still be around 200ms. What odd behaviour and it’s driving me nuts. I have a super fast system with 32 gig ram, latest version of Cubase pro, Cubase UR22, Windows 10 Pro.

Any ideas, thought I’d ask some of the experts here? Thanks!

Maybe you loaded a plugin to the project that adds more than average latency. Have you tried to temporary enable Constrain delay compensation to see if it makes any difference?