Something wet wrong during the process of updating from cubase 10.5-11

I recently just bought cubase elements 11, upgrading from 10.5 AI. Now every time I make a project and save it, then try to re-open it, my computer tries to install cubase 10.5. This also happens with all my older projects too. I’ve been searching lots of forums and cant seem to find a solution. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do to fix this problem?

Most likely Windows still associates the cpr file-type with Cubase 10.5 and not 11.

In Windows Explorer right click on any cpr file to change the association.


Hey thanks for the reply, but sadly that didn’t fix my problem. My project file doesn’t show the cubase icon like yours does (to the left of Planet Earth) it just shows a blank sheet. And when I go to open with… it actually comes up as cubase 11, I don’t have 10.5 on my computer anymore failed instal screen shot

I created a test project because I didnt want to start anything serious until I figured this out. This is what all my old project files look like now.

I’d uninstall Cubase (which won’t remove any content) and try reinstalling to see if that helps. Just the program itself shouldn’t take long.

Thanks raino, the problem ended up being that I didn’t uninstall cubase 10.5 properly, (cause I’m a bit of a computer noob) works fine now, cheers.