Something wrong with me or with Nuendo ?

Hello guys, happy new year !

Something seems to be wrong with my Nuendo rig. I am making some tests with Nuendo 5 and I have an issue that I had not with v4.

When I am in Direct Monitoring mode, neither the peak-meter on the master track nor the Control Room’s one work when in record or input monitoring, but they work in play mode or when I switch off the DM mode.

But the related faders work properly.

Any idea will be appreciated.


Which is normal, 'cause in DM mode, no signal is passing through Nuendo. It’s all taking care of by the soundcard.


I believe there is a preference under VST- Metering called “Map Input Bus Metering to Audio Track (in Direct Monitoring)” - you may want to verify that it is checked.

That only routes the signal to the input metering, it doesn’t go any “further” than that.