Something wrong with the 64bit floating precision!!!

Guys, something isn’t working as it’s advertised… The plugins that don’t support this double precision don’t work as they have to. It’s advertised that if the plugin doesn’t support 64 bit float it will automatically works at 32bit float in double precision mode.
I have Studio One 3.5, too and I’m working in 64 bit floating all the time, with the same plugins without any issues on the same workstation - HP Z820, 2x Xeon Octa-core processors, with hyper-threading turned off, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.
Please, try to solve this bug in Cubase Pro 9.5.
For the moment this double precision mode is kind of useless, because of that problem.
I did try to scan in the Plugin Manager for the plugins that support 64bit floating and Cubase crashed on scanning process…
Greetings. :slight_smile:

What bug, you say they don’t work as they have to.
What does that mean ?

You have to explain what the problem is a lot more detailed than this. I have been using the 64bit engine intensively since release day without any issues.

So… what’s wrong?