Something you SHOULD know about MIDI controllers and Win 10

Something you should know about MIDI controllers and Win 10

I never knew this and it is important. I learnt the hard way.

A few MIDI controllers have been through my studio, when I did not want them anymore I simply unplugged.

Today after jettisoning a Nektar P1, (long story, device not updated since C5) I installed a Korg NanoKontrol Studio.

Aftter doing everything correctly this device did not show up either in device manager or Device set up in C9. After several hours I phoned tech and this is what I have leart

WINDOWS 10 only support up to ten MIDI device drivers!!!

When you install device 11+ it simply allows you to install, then does nothing whatsoever with the device driver. No show in device manager.

Luckily the Korg has a utility which allows you to uninstall device drivers. In this utility you can see your Korg Device driver is installed in slot 11, but this is useless. So, After unistalling, then also unistalling some old drivers for gear I no longer possess, I reinstalled and this time the device was in slot 7. It immedately shows up in Device manager and Cubase!

Lesson learned!