something's not right with mouse / graphics handling (video)

Couldn’t figure out why WL causes my Macbook to get start up the fans even when performing very easy tasks such as editing a single wave file with no plugins involved. Just cutting / pasting - basic stuff.

But then check out the video I did - the CPU usage goes wild whenever the mouse is simply moved around the screen - it’s even worse when scrolling - which is somewhat understandable. But check out the CPU usage with the file not even playing - it’s just me moving the mouse / cursor around on the screen.

Something really needs optimization here!!

It only happens when using WL with El Capitan. It’s really annoying. Hope there will be a fix soon.

ok thanks - I’m new to Mac and wavelab 8.5 but been using pc and previous wl versions for 10 + years before and never had problems like that before

It seems that El Capitan has caused a fair amount of graphic related issues for audio software. I notice some things in Pro Tools as well, especially some plugins such as AirEQ.

Thanks for posting your experiences here, hopefully these get sorted out sooner or later.

I have a similar problem with Cubase 8.5

It seems that ive got an issue with the performance of the ASIO. The VST performance peaks into red when I scroll and make use of the mouse (VST performance continues to be high/red while moving parts/scrolling project) however the worst scenario seems to be during editing of the drum roll editor. I use a lot of Midi and editing the notes in the drum roll editor and piano roll editor is causing audio stutter. At that time I had Win7 installed. Then I have upgraded to Win8.1 to see if the problems persists. Although the Win8.1 performance is slightly better it is still causing stuttering/ glitching of the audio

My system is comprised of:

CUBASE 8.5 artist TRIAL version
Intel Quad core CPU
MOTU 2408 MK2 (Pci 242) Asio card
ASUS P5B/SE EBU motherboard
8GB Corsair RAM
Hitachi 7200RPM HD
Windows 8.1 (original, updated)

PG - could you shed some light as to whether these graphic issues are being looked into - at least for WL Pro 9?

could you shed some light as to whether these graphic issues are being looked into - at least for WL Pro 9?

Yes, graphics have been optimized and this issue has been solved.

Wonderful news PG! Do you whether this is true for Cubase as well 'cause the problem is also present there?