Somethings wrong with the audio

I can record singing and guitar, but when i play it back the volume goes up and down. I have to hold the “listen to” marker over the song to hear it normally, but when i just play it back, it doesn’t come out right.

And when i have one recording (guitar) and i want to add a vocal track, i only want the audio from the first recording in my ears, but i dont know how.

can someone help!

Cubase does not have a “listen to” marker

You need to route the track to the thing that makes sound in your ears

… and how the ■■■■ do i do this??

THIS is the listen to marker i meant

How the ■■■■ -ing ■■■■ should I know, you´re not giving any useful info on HW /SW at all. Try your manuals.

This is not the listen to marker