Sometimes chord input stops working after a while

After a couple of hours in front of Dorico (5.1.21) I sometimes can’t make Dorico recognize chords play on my MIDI keyboard. The keyboard works fine, I can input notes, but there no recognition of even the most simple chords. After a restart it often works fine again.
Regards Stig

In only one project or multiple?

Several projects. As a matter of fact it just happened now. Restarting will put it right, but there is something wrong. It never happens in my DAWs.

Post your Diagnostics and the Dev Team might be able to tell what is happening.

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We’ve had this reported from time to time over the years by a handful of users, but unfortunately as yet we’ve never been able to reproduce it, so it remains on our radar but resistant to investigation or fixing. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but without some way to reproduce the problem on demand, we can’t work out what might be causing it.

I will survive!