Sometimes you just have to say...

…feck it.

I just ordered Cubase 6 upgrade and Komplete 8 crossgrade from Sam Ash. 12 months same as cash = you can’t go wrong.

And the WAF is okay? Always a factor at my place! :laughing:

What she don’t know…don’t hurt me. I had it shipped to my office. I’ll sneak it in the house when she isn’t home. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now why didn’t I think of that?? :slight_smile:

Standard practice… :mrgreen:

I think my gal has gear radar… she does some sort of inventory in her head when she sees my rig… yet she claims to know nothing about how it all works… then she spots the new stuff and gets nosey :laughing: :astonished:

Steven Slate drums arrived today :sunglasses:

And GPO 4 last week :smiley:

Acckkk! I have no budget for a while… you’re killing me! :smiling_imp:

Are you mice or men? Sneaking things into the house—geeee! Stand up like men, show them who is boss.
If all else fails, then sneak stuff in the house.

Well, I’m constantly bitching about how much money she spends. I can’t continue to enjoy that benefit if I’m buying stuff like this myself.

In all seriousness, what she doesn’t get is that the monthly payment works out to be about $43 per month for 12 months. I’m paying $53 a month now for previous purchases. Since my #1 priority is monthly debt load that’s a deal for me: I get lots of new toys and I pay $10 less per month.

All she would see is that I bitch about costs and yet just dropped nearly $600 on zeros and ones. :laughing:

Happy wife = Happy life :laughing:

I was right about three weeks ago, I am still waiting for her to get me the T-Shirt… :unamused:

I have been wanting Komplete since version 6. I am so excited about it now that I can’t contain myself. I use Kontakt and Battery so much that I can only imagine how much I will use the other VSTs.

I’m less excited about Cubase because 4.5.2 has been extremely stable for me at home, but I do read here and there about some of the neat things it has so I am excited about it to a certain degree.

Do yourself a favor, focus on the great new things instead of the “WTF were they thinking” things. There are plenty of both.

I usually do. Since I never use more than 50% of the functionality I don’t get annoyed as easily. As long as it isn’t bass-ackwards to execute my typical workflow I’m happy.

Well, Steiny and bass-ackwards seem to have gone to the same workflow school.

A friend of mine managed to hide £2,000 of twelve track DVD recorder(amongst other things) from his wife. One of the reasons they’re still married.

A nice studio in the house is a good investment.

Actually, with so many people like us who are more than just a “pick up a guitar kinda person” having a studio in the place could be considered a feature.

A good friend of mine bought the house owned by a grammy-winning bassist (this happened years ago so I forgot the name of the bassist) and he had an acoustically treated studio in the basement. She’s a phenomenal vocalist so this was a huge turn-on for her in spite of the fact that she didn’t own a shred of studio equipment. In fact, when I asked her about it later she said she uses it for a sewing room. :laughing: But it was a draw for her.

I have always thought when and if we sell the house, the studio would make a cozzy home theater. Just add a couch, flat screen and sound system. :smiley:

So I take it you’re cool with going weeks on end without “it” then? :laughing: