Somewhat annoying issue, help please?

I have my Signposts showing, I’d like to modify a “condensing change”, but there is text on the page, as well as a tempo marking.

I can highlight that single Signpost, but don’t know how to actually “activate” it to go edit the properties of the condensing change.

if I click on it, it opens the text tool, or the tempo tool (depending on whether I’m page view or galley view, respectively.)

There’s got to be some key combination I’m missing that allows me to open the condensing change dialogue?

You have to be in Engrave mode to edit condensing changes by double-clicking. Sounds like you are in Write mode. If there are items obscured by the signpost, it can still cause issues, unfortunately. I’ve gotten used to clicking on the rightmost part of signposts to minimize this.

Rather than double-clicking, in Engrave mode you can you can also select the signpost and press Enter. Sometimes it can still be tricky to even get the selection right if there are other objects at the same place. If this is an issue, hold Alt+Shift while you click on the condensing change signpost until it’s selected.

Furthermore, as of 5.0, if you try inserting a condensing change at the exact same rhythmic position as the existing one, it will edit the existing one.

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Hold down option-shift as you click, to select only one thing.


I was missing the “engrave mode” part of the answer.

and an additional problem was that I’m used to using the NumPad “enter” button, and THAT was triggering playback instead of opening the condensing change.
when I used the “Enter” key of the main keyboard it worked.

I wonder, is this by design that the two “enter” keys have different functions?

I always press “P” for playback, so never use the Enter key.
I would prefer if both Enter keys had the exact same function.

@Michel_Edward You can edit Key Commands in Preferences. I disabled the space bar (I think it’s under Play → Start or Stop Playback → Playhead position) and also only use P for playback.

Edit: Sorry, spoke too soon. I don’t know if there is any way to make another key behave like the Enter key within Dorico. You can certainly achieve it through third-party software (like AutoHotkey on Windows).

I can’t figure out what command to look up to get the same function on both Enter keys.

what word should I be looking for?

I’d like both to act exactly like the main keyboard Enter key.

I think you’d need to remove the “Enter” here:

And then add it here

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absolutely brilliant!!!
thank-you, it works perfectly now, both “enter” keys have the same function now.