Somewhere to learn?

Hi to all another time. I’ve been using “FL Studio” the last 3 year, learning to create music and now I bought “Cubase 6”. I’ve read the instructions which were in the box and now I’m looking for more information, tutorials and something like that because I want to know everything about any plug-in, effects, VST and all in that way.
Where can I find this kind of information? I’m reading the forum, but I don’t find nothing useful.

Tutorials on the install DVD and youtube would be a good place to start.

In “YouTube” only shows how to create, but doesn’t show the characteristics of the plug-ins or other software.
I’ve seen all the video tutorials, but I want more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ann - look in the folder where you installed the Cubase program on your hard drive. There should be a documentation subfolder. In that subfolder are pdf files with detail that should keep you busy for a few weeks.

ask video do great dvd tutorials

Seconding the Ask tutorials. They are by far the most comprehensive, organized and detailed source to learn from. It looks like their Cubase 6 series isn’t fully released yet, but the information in the Cubase 5 series applies almost identically to Cubase 6. I’m sure they will have refined things for the Cubase 6 series once it’s all out though.

+1 here for the Ask stuff


Thank you very much to all of you!

I guess to add another question…any suggestions for advanced techniques and tips? I have the SWA vid that was 1st released for C6, I’m pretty streamlined in using and getting around the program. Just looking for even more! I’ve had a read at “Going Pro with C5” and “C5 Power” at the bookstore, but it really only covers what I already know, so I’m holding off on getting the C6 versions. Also have the C5 special I think from the CM magazine.