Sonalksis FreeG plugin crashes Cubase x64


I am having a problem with this free plugin from Sonalksis.
I use it in Cubase 64bit in 64bit mode(no bridge) and it keeps crashing Cubase 6.05.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new project
  2. Insert a Mono Audio Track
  3. Open Mixer and extend it so it shows inserts.
  4. Insert the plugin in first insert.
  5. Open the GUI
  6. Lower and raise the fader a few times.
  7. Try to close the GUI
    Cubase crashes.

Can anyone confirm please?

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone confirm?

I don’t run 64bit Cubase to confirm or not, but did you try bridging the 32bit version to see if it is the same?

Sounds like something Sonalksis need to look at though as it’s a free plug not sure if there is any support.

I can confirm this, as well.

I know this is an old thread, but seeing as Steinberg does not include an insert-based gain utility, a bump on this is two fold:

One, I emailed Sonalksis about this in hopes that they’ll fix it.
Two, hopefully the Steinberg engineering team will see this and consider adding a gain utility. Preferably one fast-reacting but also smooth without zipper-noise that would be suitable for enveloping shaping a pad stack (for example).

Strange as this sounds, there is currently not a viable gain utility that either, does not crash Cubase 64-bit, or that is zipper-noise-free, or that has full ~100db attenuation. I’ve tried them all.

Odd, that such a seemingly simple thing as a standalone fader cannot be found.

I don’t want to have to bounce it to audio, and i don’t want to use the main faders / the automation trim that would be required if you used this (and there is zipper noise with cubase’s faders when attempting to do fast envelopes).

  • Cubase fader: zipper noise (and also I don’t want to use the main fader for automation, nor do i want to use the automation “trim” function.)
  • Sonalksis: Crashes Cubase 64-bit version.
  • HOFA 4U Fader: Zipper noise.
  • Volt: Crashes Cubase. Beta version fixes crash, but sadly has zipper noise when used via automation (but is smooth when it triggers pre-set fades).
  • GFader: Crashes Cubase.
  • Faderworks: no zipper noise but no 64-bit version and cuts out in odd places (I blame the 32-bit bridge, perhaps).
  • Blue Cat Gain: Works, no zipper noise but only attenuates 60db! So, you can hear a stacked pad you’re trying to “chop” during parts that are supposed to be silent.

There are about two more that I can’t remember that also had zipper noise.


I’ve resorted to using the Output knob of a Softube FET compressor, but it, too, is not ideal. It works, and is smooth (no zipper noise) but is not fast-reacting enough on it’s attack or release for true “cut” effects – it sounds punchy, cool for certain effects but not all.

I’ve tried all the Waves compressors for their “input / output” knobs: zipper noise or not fast-reacting enough.

I just want an effing fader.


Funnily enough I have just been making the transition to 64 bit.

I didn’t even consider there might be a 64 bit vs of FreeG (with it being free!) so I Jbridged the 32 bit & I cannot reproduce the crash with this setup.
Tried multiple instances passing audio & all gui’s open, plenty of fader action & it was 100% stable.

EDIT: The 64 bit FreeG also crashes for me.
32 bit bridged with Jbridge is confirmed good.

Good idea, Grim. Thanks. I didn’t think to try the 32-bit version. Though, I really want to avoid even launching the 32bitbridge, as every time Cubase crashes it seems to be related to it.

So, is jbridge more stable than steinberg’s?

I’ll put it through the attack/release/zipper-noise tests and report back.

Thanks for confirming this guys.
It’s a shame that this plugin crashes Cubase, but I am almost sure that it is a Sonalksis fault and not Steinberg’s. Did anyone of you get a reply from Sonalksis about that? I won’t be surprised if they don’t bother about it as this is a freebie though :frowning:

They just contacted me and said they were not aware of the issue and will “hopefully provide a fix soon.”

Very cool they responded – it’s rare these days.